Deborah A. McMahan


IUAA President's Award (2007)

B.S., 1986; M.D., 1990


Deborah McMahan earned her bachelor of science degree at IPFW in 1986 and then received her doctor of medicine degree from IU's School of Medicine in 1990. She has served Indiana's Allen County as its health commissioner since 2000.

A member of the American Medical Association, McMahan is a member of the Indiana State Medical Association, the Fort Wayne Medical Society, and the American Public Health Association. The past few years have found McMahan preparing Allen County for the impending flu pandemic. McMahan has also presented her seminar to IPFW and its employees, helping the university create its medical disaster plan.

In 2006, McMahan lent her support to the IPFW alumni membership campaign by appearing on a billboard featuring her name, occupation, and photo with the message "I'm an Alumni Association member. Won't you become a member, too?" McMahan serves on the boards of Super Shot Inc., St. Joseph Community Health Foundation and Healthier Moms & Babies.