Kurt J. Heidenreich


IPFW Bob F. Jesse Medal (2006)

IPFW Bob F. Jesse Medal (2004)


Kurt J. Heidenreich is the President of Engineering Resources, Inc., and a founding member of the firm.

Heidenreich graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Civil Engineering in 1988 and with a Master of Science in Civil Engineering in 1989. He is a registered professional engineer in over 15 states, and a licensed structural engineer in two states. Heidenreich is charged with overseeing the operations, planning, and supervision of the firm, as well as project design and management.

Heidenreich was awarded the Bob F. Jesse Medal in 2004 for his design of the Willis Family Bridge on the IPFW campus. His triangular design connects the main campus with student housing over Crescent Avenue, and was dedicated in 2003.