Marjorie E. Perry-Person


IPFW Ralph E. Broyles Medal (1989)

M.B.A., 1956; D.B.A., 1965


Marjorie E. Perry-Person was born September 14, 1918 in Mound City, Missouri and died on March 9, 1998. She was a member of the faculty from 1965 when she was appointed chair of the department of marketing until her retirement in 1981. Her degrees were from Northwest Missouri State College (B.S.Ed. 1940), and Indiana University (M.B.A., 1956; D.B.A., 1965). She was distinguished as one of the first women to earn a doctorate in business from Indiana University. Her publications focused on the role of Fort Wayne as a distribution center. As an Associate Professor Emerita of Business Administration she continued to support IPFW financially with gifts for scholarships, the library, the Royal Dons Club, 25th Anniversary Fund, Aquarius Park Fund, Ralph Broyles Endowment Fund, O.F. Kenworthy Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Minority Scholarship Fund. She was recipient of the 1989 Ralph E. Broyles Medal. In 1990 Professor Person established an endowment in memory of her brother, the William D. Perry, M.D., Memorial Scholarship Fund. Dr. Person was a member of the Twenty-Fifth Anniversary Committee.