Marie Alice Edwards


College of Arts and Sciences Distinguished Alumni Award (1979)
Indiana University Bloomington


Marie Alice Edwards was a WWII veteran who served as a lieutenant - USNR Eaves in the U.S. Naval Intelligence. She graduated from the Naval School of Oriental Languages at University of Colorado, Boulder, in 1944 and served as a Japanese Language officer and administrative assistant at the Washington Military Document Center until 1946.

Edwards received her B.A. from IU, and her M.A. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. She was a high school teacher at Lew Wallace High School and the supervisor of social studies and foreign languages in the Gary Schools system. After obtaining her doctorate, Edwards became a lecturer at IU, teaching American government, comparative politics, and social studies methods. Edwards was also a past president of the Gary YMCA Board of Directors and past president and charter member of the Northwest Indiana Crime Commission, and a member of the Lake County Criminal Justice Advisory Committee.