Molly Johnson


IU Southeast Distinguished Alumni Award (2010)
A.S., 1968
Sue Talbot Distinguished Hoosiers for Higher Education Volunteer Award (2007)
Gertrude Rich Award (2005)
Indiana University Bloomington
A.S., 1968
IUAA President's Award (1993)


Molly Johnson received an associate degree in nursing at IU Southeast. She and her husband, Mel, are lifetime members of the IU Alumni Association and the Woodburn Guild, and also are active members of the IU Varsity Club.

Molly has served as a member of the Nursing Alumni Board and is a recipient of the Gertrude Rich Award and the IUAA President's Award. Both Molly and Mel are recipients of the Sue H. Talbot Distinguished HHE Member Award, recognizing their dedicated leadership in advocating for IU and higher education.