Men's Basketball Team, 1972


IUPUI Athletics Hall of Fame (2010)


The 1972 basketball team is widely regarded for the birth of the current varsity athletics program. During a faculty council meeting in February 1971, the recommendation was made by the Athletic Committee that the school should participate in intercollegiate athletics. Nick Kellum, then a member of the Normal College faculty, helped create the team, coached initially by George Dickison. The first contest was on Saturday, Jan. 22, 1972 when the Metros took on IU-Kokomo at the Ritter High School Gymnasium.

Members of Dickison's first team included (listed alphabetically): Hogan Black, David Burton, Marc Coapstick, Ed Finch, Tom Fox, Joe Lentz, Toby Malichi, Craig Marshall, Bud Melton, Shelton Oakes, Jerry Sommerman, Terry Townsend, Dana Watts, Steve Wilson and Dave Wood. The team dropped its first contest, 91-82 to IU-Kokomo on its way to a 1-6 record in the abbreviated inaugural season.

The team becomes the first group to be inducted to the IUPUI Hall of Fame collectively.