Debora Shaw


School of Dentistry Distinguished Service Award (2014)
PhD '83
School of Library and Information Science Distinguished Alumni Award (1988)
Indiana University Bloomington
Ph.D. 1983


Debora "Ralf" Shaw is the chair of the Department of Information and Library Science in the School of Informatics and Computing at Indiana University. Before the 2013 merger, Shaw was the dean of the School of Library and Information Science for the Bloomington and Indianapolis campuses. Shaw was appointed interim dean and later dean in 2011. In this latter role, she helped shepherd the momentous merger of SLIS with SoIC in 2013. By keeping true to her dedication to students, alumni, and the field of library and information science, Dr. Shaw helped make the case for the mutual strengthening of these two successful schools.

She is also a professor, having taught the core course of Collection Development at IU for many years. Shaw's research interests center around different types of information use and indirect evidence of information use through informetric/bibliometric methods. She graduated from IU with a Ph.D. in 1983.