Paul E. Klinge


E. Ross Bartley Award (1978)
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: John W. Ryan


Paul E. Klinge was a science educator born in Indianapolis, Indiana. He attended Shortridge High School and received an A.B. degree from Butler University in 1939. He also attended Indiana Central College. Klinge's professional career began in Indianapolis; after working as a library assistant at Arsenal Technical High School in 1941, he began teaching history at Ben Davis High School, and biology at Thomas Carr High School.

In 1957, Klinge moved to Bloomington to serve as coordinator for school science at Indiana University, a program that was designed to help teachers better prepare students for college studies. He held a number of other administrative positions at the university through the years, and was assistant professor and then professor, of education. Klinge was associate director of science in the IU Aerospace Center (1963-1967); assistant and associate dean for undergraduate development (1966-1969); assistant dean of research and associate dean of research and advanced studies (1969-1971); executive associate of the IU Foundation (1963-1972); and associate dean for administration for the Bloomington campus (1969-1972). He served as assistant to three IU presidents, Elvis J. Stahr, Herman B Wells, and John W. Ryan.

President Ryan, on presenting the Bartley Award to Paul Klinge, described him as, "First and foremost an educator. He devoted himself to discipline long after his days as a full-time teacher had ended. Because he was an educator, he was stronger as an administrator. He understood that the central mission of this university is education. The perspective which he brought to the important administrative duties he held was an educator's perspective." Close colleagues of Mr. Klinge appreciated the quickness of his mind and the honesty of his judgment. He possessed a certain coolness under pressure which served the University exceedingly well during a period of crisis or unexpected developments. He had a prodigious capacity for work and always found time somehow for developing personal relationships with colleagues in the administration and the faculty and with students.

Klinge received many honors and official positions in various organizations. He was a Ford Fellow, and conducted a high school study institute at IU. He served as editor of the American Biology Teacher, was president of the National Association of Biology Teachers and was given a rare honor when he was made an honorary member in 1959. Klinge received the National Science Teachers Association outstanding teacher award, was a member of of the American Institute of Biological Science Executive Committee, and president of a Phi Kappa Phi local alumni chapter in 1960. He was a consultant to the U.S office of Education Conference on Gifted Science Students and a fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.

With research interests in anthropology and mycology, Klinge was the author of some educational films in biology and authored or co-authored several books and numerous articles in biology and education. He is listed in American Men and Women of Science, Indiana Lives, Leaders in Education and Who's Who in American Education.