Alan B. McNabb


E. Ross Bartley Award (2005)
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: Adam W. Herbert


Alan McNabb began his IU career as the head academic counselor at Wright Quad in 1968. His service includes appointments as an assistant professor of education in the School of Education, as assistant dean of Freshman Division, now known as University Division, as assistant dean for academic affairs and as an associate professor of Continuing Studies.

In 1983, Alan accepted a position with Career and Placement Support Services, which is now called the Career Development Center and the Arts and Sciences Career Services, where he helped students plan and develop their careers. He retired as the center's director in 2002.

In 2005, Alan was honored as a recipient of the E. Ross Bartley Award. Many letters of recommendation were sent in support of this.

Dean of Students Dick McKaig wrote: "As his supervisor for the past eleven years, I would be remiss if I failed to add that (Alan's) service to the university through his career and placement activities has always been among the shining examples of the work that can be done for our students when we are fully committed to their best interests."

Chancellor Gros Louis described Alan's contributions in this way: "Perhaps the task of coordinating and making more efficient for both student and employer the interviewing process is Alan's greatest achievement....It did not surprise me, therefore....that Alan was selected by his peers as the outstanding career development director in the CIC. Thus, recognized by his peers elsewhere in the Midwest, by his peers on the Bloomington campus, and certainly thanked by many thousands of students, I believe Alan has richly earned the E. Ross Bartley award."