Michael T. Mann


IUAA President's Award (2009)
Indiana University Bloomington
School of Public and Environmental Affairs
B.S., 1991; M.P.A., 2018


Michael T. Mann earned his bachelor's degree in marketing in 1991 at the Kelley School of Business and a master's degree in public administration in 2018 from the School of Public and Environmental Affairs. He has been actively involved with the Monroe County, Indiana, Chapter of the IU Alumni Association since 2003, serving first as a board member and then as president. Under his leadership, the chapter received numerous honors including Chapter of the Year, Circle of Excellence, Membership Matters and IU Cares awards.

As a leader among alumni chapter leaders, Mann has served as a mentor and facilitated numerous sessions during the annual Cream and Crimson Alumni Weekend in Bloomington. He is on the board of directors of Downtown Bloomington Inc and is an avid supporter of IU Athletics. Mann formerly was the marketing manager for Bloomington's T.I.S. Group and now serves as director of alumni programs for the IU Alumni Association.