Ernest Otto Holland


Honorary Degree (1933)
Doctor of Laws
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: William Lowe Bryan


Ernest Otto Holland, 1895, was born in Switzerland County. He died of a heart illness in Austria where he was conducting an education survey for the Air Force. He taught at Indiana University, University of California, Teachers College and was president of Washington State College from 1916-1945. He also served as a principal of Louisville Male High School and as superintendent of schools in Louisville. He is the author of textbooks and the library at Washington State was named after him.

Holland was in Austria to aid in the Army's denatzification program through higher education. He conferred with Austrian educators and officials from his hospital bed. At IU he earned part of his way through school by corresponding for Chicago newspapers. He was said to have one of the best radio voices in the northwest. He was president of the Association of Land-Grant Colleges and Universities from 1931-1932.