Andrew Morris


Fulbright Award (2012)
Fulbright IIE
Location: Leipzig, Germany


Warsaw, Indiana native and Fulbright Recipient Andrew Morris received his B.A. with Distinction in History and Germanic Studies at Indiana University Bloomington in 2012. Following graduation, he moved to Leipzig, Germany, where he taught English as a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in two German secondary schools.

In 2013, Morris, a Chicago blues guitarist, and Julie Bates, a classically trained violinist, formed The Matchsellers. While the pair worked as Fulbright English teachers in Leipzig, they began reanalyzing the songs of their homeland and developed a tight, yet gritty, bluegrass style. The duo has become known for their excellent musicianship, tight vocal harmonies and an entertaining, high-energy stage show that is best experienced live. Since forming they have toured Germany, the UK, the Czech Republic, and 21 US states, averaging 170 shows a year. Some highlights include the 2014 Dawg Daze of Summer Festival with Ricky Skaggs, 2014 Kansas State Picking & Fiddling Championships and the WDVX Blue Plate Special.

Prior to the Matchsellers, Morris played music with several groups, the most notable of which were Pluto's Ladder and Grandpa Earl and the Kentucky Bastards. He has also served as editor of a few small literary magazines and wrote for the Indiana Daily Student. Alongside these projects, he has released two full-length solo albums: Lorelei (2010) and The Great Corn Detasseling Album (August 2011).