Brittany Sheldon


Fulbright Award (2012)
Fulbright Hays Award
Location: Ghana


During the summer of 2012, Brittany Sheldon spent three months doing language training and conducting preliminary field research in Ghana. First, she stayed in Accra, where she made connections with scholars and art industry experts. Brittany then spent seven weeks studying Gurenɛ (or Frafra) - the local language spoken in the region where she will conduct her dissertation research - at the University of Education in Winneba, thanks to a Foreign Language and Area Studies (FLAS) award. Brittany was then able to spend the final three weeks of her trip in the Upper East Region, the area in which she will conduct her dissertation field research.

During this visit, Brittany traveled to a number of potential research sites, met many interesting people, conducted preliminary interviews. She was also able to make plans for her return in January, when she will be conducting pre-dissertation research, funded by a fellowship from the West African Research Association (WARA).