Richard K. Stem


IU Southeast Chancellor's Medallion (1994)
IU Southeast Chancellor's Medallion
Location: New Albany
Presenter: Leon Rand


Richard K. Stem is a longtime benefactor of Indiana University - Southeast, having donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the university, especially the music department. He funded the Martha K. Stem Scholarship for music students in honor of his mother, and the university has named the largest of the Ogle Center's indoor theaters after him due to his generosity. The Richard K. Stem Concert Hall is used primarily for performances of the Music Department, the Different Drummer Series, and the Louisville Orchestra Nightlites concerts. The Stem holds 500 seats including eight wheelchair locations. With only twelve rows in the orchestra and six in the balcony, each seat provides a clear, unobstructed view of the stage.

Stem was awarded the Chancellor's Medallion in 1994.