Everett Bickers


IU Southeast Chancellor's Medallion (2004)
IU Southeast Chancellor's Medallion
Location: New Albany
Presenter: Sandra R. Patterson-Randles


Dr. Everett Bickers is a longtime benefactor of Indiana University-Southeast, along with various other organizations such as the Floyd Memorial Foundation and Heritage Society of Indiana. Bickers and his wife worked with IUS for many years, serving on the NAFC Building Board and establishing the Dorothy Bickers Memorial Scholarship in 1999. He received the Chancellor's Medallion from IUS in 2004.

A University of Louisville School of Medicine graduate, Bickers was the first doctor to open an office in Floyds Knob, IN, when he set up his office in 1961. For the next forty years, he became a cornerstone of the local medical community, having served as the president of the medical staff at Floyd Memorial Hospital and Health Services, and as a delegate for the state to the American Medical Association. Bickers also served as the county health officer from 1973 to 2002. Outside of medicine, Bickers was an advocate for the Floyd County community and economy. He was a past president of the New Albany Chamber of Commerce in 1971, and urged for youth programs through the local 4-H and Floyd Central High School.