William Reller


IU East Chancellor's Medallion (1995)
IU East Chancellor's Medallion
Location: Richmond
Presenter: David Fulton


William H. Reller was a lawyer based in Richmond, IN. He was among those who played a part in the beginning of IU-East when it was established in 1971. William was a member of the committee that led the effort to create the campus. He was a prominent and longstanding member of the Richmond community, a prosecutor in Wayne County before joining his father's law firm of Reller, Mendenhall, Kleinknecht and Milligan. His family had been in the region for generations, and he felt the formation of the IU East campus was crucial to the community's well-being.

Reller attended Swarthmore College in the 1940s and graduated from law school. His wife, Jean "Jay", left an endowment to the university in his name, which funds Mindful Explorations, a music program that sponsors events on campus.

He was the 1995 recipient of the Chancellor's Medallion.