Jean Reller


IU East Chancellor's Medallion (2005)
IU East Chancellor's Medallion
Location: Richmond
Presenter: David Fulton


Jean "Jay" R. Reller is an IU-East alumnus who left a large endowment of over $100,000 in her and her husband's name to Indiana University East, which funds Mindful Explorations, a music program that sponsors events on campus. She met William Reller at Swarthmore College in 1940, but her college education was interrupted by WWII. She returned to school in 1976, attending IU-East. That year, IU had just approved the possibility that course credit could be given for life experience. Reller was among the first to use that option, being able to obtain a full year's worth of credit for her experience of ounding in 1966 of a citizen-based conservation organization of which she was also executive director, the Society for the Preservation and Use of Resources (SPUR). They also included her active role in the League of Women Voters, work in organizational development, and coursework she had done at Earlham and elsewhere.

She was the recipient for the 2005 Chancellor's Medallion.