Tina Funkhouser


IPFW Alumni Top Volunteers Award (2012)

B.G.S., 2008


Tina Funkhouser graduated from IPFW in 2008 with a B.G.S. She has been an e-Mentor volunteer through the General Studies program since 2009 and takes pride in giving back a piece of the knowledge she gained from her mentors while a general studies student herself. In addition to her involvement with the e-Mentoring program, she has volunteered at the General Studies Commencement celebration for the past several years, assisting university staff in honoring IPFW graduates.

Professionally, Funkhouser has spent many years in the social services. During her time at IPFW, she volunteered at a local homeless shelter for families; served as a companion/peer to a person with serious mental illness through Park Center; organized several study groups to help her fellow students be successful; and demonstrated her personal success by overcoming obstacles of the non-traditional student.

Shortly after graduating from IPFW, Funkhouser accepted a position at Park Center where she worked as an Employment Specialist. She has also worked with children with emotional disabilities for Fort Wayne Community Schools. As the mother of a brain injury survivor, she enjoys encouraging and supporting families who have been touched by brain injury.

In April 2010, Funkhouser was named Resource Facilitator for Fort Wayne and Northern Indiana by the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. Working in conjunction with Vocational Rehabilitation, she assists people with brain injury connect to local resources that will enable them to return to work or school. She also attends four support groups for brain injury survivors and caregivers around northern Indiana.

In 2012, she was named the recipient of the IPFW Alumni Top Volunteer Award.