Miles Edwards


Goldwater Scholarship (2012)
Indiana University Bloomington


Miles Edwards is a 2012 Goldwater Scholar. The Goldwater Program was established by Congress to honor longtime Sen. Barry Goldwater of Arizona, who died in 1998. The scholarships provide a continuing source of highly qualified scientists, mathematicians and engineers by supporting college students planning scientific careers.

Miles is planning to earn a Bachelor of Science in Cello performance from the Jacobs School of Music and a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the College of Arts and Sciences. Edwards plays in the University Orchestra and takes his achievement and the accolades in stride. During his undergraduate years, Edwards has taken several mathematics courses that are at the second-year graduate level, such as algebraic geometry with Professor Michael Larsen. And as a freshman several years ago, Edwards scored in the top 20 students nationally in the prestigious William Lowell Putnam Mathematical competition.

"I love IU; I have met wonderful people here," he said. "I consider myself lucky to be in a place where I can get a first-rate education in the two subjects I really love. In particular, I am grateful to the math department for being flexible with me and for helping me to study math beyond the courses that a first-year undergraduate would normally take. "

Edwards graduated from Lassiter High School in Marietta, Georgia.