Wanda Spann Roddy


School of Nursing Excellence in Nursing Award (1998)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Nursing
MSN, Ph.D.


Wanda Spann Roddy is a healthcare administrator of Health & Hospital Corporation of Marion County and school board member of MSD Washington Township. She graduated from DePauw University and Indiana University with a BSN and MSN respectively. Roddy specialized in adolescent health care at IU and is currently pursuing her doctorate in nursing. She received the Excellence in Nursing Award from IUSON in 1998.

Roddy has spent over thirty years in nursing. She taught nursing students at Marion University and Indiana University, currently serving as an adjunct faculty at IUSON. She also is the founder and executive director of the Young Families of Indiana Network (YFIN), a division of Health and Hospital Corporation of Marion County. Roddy established YFIN in 2011, providing education and support services to pregnant and parenting teenagers in Marion County.