Jason Michael Walsman


Goldwater Scholarship (2013)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)


For Jason Walsman, growing up in homeschool was all about exploring. He devoured library books and spent countless hours outside investigating the insects, plants, and dirt, beginning a love of science that would continue to grow and blossom. As a current student at IUPUI, Jason is pursing degrees in Biology and Environmental Science, and has also completed substantial additional upper-level coursework in physics and mathematics.

He has received much recognition from the university for his dedication to academics, including appointments as an Honors College Mentor of Incoming Freshmen, and a Chemistry Mentor for Freshmen Chemistry. In 2010, Jason was recognized as the Outstanding Student in Freshmen Chemistry, and most recently, has been named a 2013 Goldwater Scholar. This prestigious scholarship is awarded only to students studying science, mathematics, or engineering, who are in the top 25% of their class.

Jason's career goals include pursuing a PhD in ecology, with the intent of researching and teaching at the university level. His early years as a homeschool student encouraged his curiosity, supported his interest in laboratory research and instruction, and have proved to be an invaluable experience in preparing him for a future as an explorer of science.