Hon. Charles Bridges


McKinney School of Law Early Career Achievement Award (2010)
J.D., 2005


Judge Charles Bridges presides over the Putnam County superior court. Prior to his career in the judicial branch of government, Bridges was an Indiana State Trooper for 27 years, working on the road, as well as in undercover and homicide investigations in Lake County for 15 years. He finished his law enforcement career at the Putnamville Post as Chief of Detectives.

After finishing law school, and while still working for the state police, Bridges opened a private practice in Greencastle, focusing on criminal defense and family law. He also accepted many pro bono cases. Additionally, he was a part-time public defender and a part-time Administrative Law Judge for the state of Indiana, presiding over firearms permit revocation cases. During that time he served as president of the Putnam County Bar Association. He currently serves on numerous boards of community organizations.