Maryann Mukete


Maurer School of Law Academy of Law Alumni Fellows (2008)
J.D. 1974


Maryann Mukete, JD'74, served in the Cameroon Public Service and as a labour administrator charged with applying administrative law principles within the
context of the Cameroon Labour Laws. She was the first permanent Director of the Women's Empowerment Centre Kumba, the first Divisional Delegate of Women's Affairs for Meme Division. Some of the programs she conceived and developed have been incorporated within the Highly Indebted Poor Countries Initiative Program for Cameroon and are now being carried out in Women's Centers throughout Cameroon.

She served for 20 years as a member of the Management Board of the Ephphatha Institute for the Deaf and is currently serving a second mandate as Chairman of the Management Board. Mukete currently works with women's development programs/projects and community/civic activities centered around family and children's rights.