Rick Crosslin


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (2004)
School of Education
M.S. 1981


Rick Crosslin is the school liaison for science learning at the Indianapolis Children's Museum and former science teacher for the Metropolitan School District of Wayne Township and former elementary school teacher at Chapel Glen Elementary School in Indianapolis. He is also the director of the Diabetes Youth Foundation of Indiana. Crosslin currently writes the monthly science column, "Mr. C. the Scienceman" in Inquisitive Kids, and hosts "Indiana Expeditions", a science-themed television program he created for WFYI.

Crosslin holds a B.A. from Indiana State University and a M.S. from Indiana University. His teaching experience includes several decades working at summer camps, teaching grades three, four, and six in Indiana and Cairo, Egypt, and graduate courses at IUPUI. Crosslin has also taught at organizations including the Indiana Department of Correction Boys' School, and Oasis Centers.

Throughout his career, Crosslin has received numerous awards recognizing him as an outstanding classroom teacher. His awards include a 2005 Emmy for DataCast Demonstration: Technical Achievement (along with WFYI, the PBS TV affiliate in Indianapolis), a 2004 Indiana University School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award, a 2001 Christa McAuliffe Fellowship, the 1999 Hoosier Association of Science Teachers, Inc. Distinguished Service Award and a 1998 Milken Educator Award. Other awards include the 1997 Indiana Exemplary Teacher Network Award, finalist for the 1996 Indiana Teacher of the Year, the 1996 MSD of Wayne Township Teacher of the Year, 1990 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science, and the Interstate Mining Compact Commission's 2008 National Mineral Educator award.