Toby Strout


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (2003)
School of Education
M.S. 1974, Ph.D. 1991


Toby Strout is the executive director of Middle Way House, a national model domestic violence program in Bloomington. Annually, the emergency shelter provides safe housing to approximately 500 families from six counties in south central Indiana, serving more than 2,000 people. The center works to end structural and interpersonal violence for women and children.

Strout was serving on the Middle Way House Board of Directors when she agreed to temporarily serve as Executive Director. After a few months, she decided to cease working as a filmmaker and made Middle Way House her career. In her tenure, Middle Way House went from an eight bed shelter with a few needed services to a 30 bed shelter with more than 10 programs and services. These include a rape crisis center, transitional housing and legal advocacy. Middle Way House also expanded into three other counties. She first became involvd with Middle Way House after she enrolled at IU by starting its legal advocacy program.