Adeng Chaedar Alwasilah


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (2001)
School of Education
M.S. 1987, Ph.D. 1991


Adeng Chaedar Alwasilah is the Dean of the Faculty of Languages and Fine Arts Education at Indonesia University of Education in Bandung, Indonesia. He teaches in the areas of qualitative research, applied linguistics, and writing. Alwasilah has a B.A. in English Education from Indonesia University of Education and a M.S. in Linguistics and a Ph.D. in Language Education from Indiana University.

He is known as one of his country's most prolific scholars, having devoted his academic career to the research of Sundanese culture and language. Alwasilah was a driving force behind the establishment of the Center for Sundanese Study, where he served as its vice chairman in 2002.