K. Forbis Jordan


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (1984)
School of Education
Ed.D. 1961


Dr. K. Forbis Jordan was a former university professor and a Senior Specialist in Education at the Library of Congress during the Carter and Reagan administrations. He graduated from Western Kentucky University for his bachelor's and master's degrees, and later received his Ed.D. from Indiana University.

His career in education spanned forty-five years, which he served as a teacher, basketball coach, high school principal, and university professor. Jordan taught at Indiana University, University of Florida and Arizona State University. Jordan's work on the national level led him to become recognized as an expert on school finance, and he was awarded the Outstanding Service Award from the Association for Education Finance and Policy in 1990. His work in school finance was devoted to public school finance equity and adequacy, especially states' equitable funding for children at-risk of not completing school and for children with disabilities.