Youngsoo Kim


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (2010)
School of Education
Ph.D. 1983


Youngsoo Kim, Ph.D. 1983, an internationally-recognized expert in the research areas of message design in online learning and instructional design based on cognitive theories and emerging technologies. Kim is a professor of educational technology at Ewha Womans University in Seoul, Korea where she has served on the faculty since 1985. She has been Ewha's dean of the College of Education, dean of the Admissions Office, director of Ewha's Multimedia Education Institute, and director of the Institute for Teaching and Learning. Starting last year, Kim became an adviser to the office of the president of the Republic of Korea, serving on the Advisory Committee to the Secretary of Education, Science, & Culture. Since earning her Ph.D. in instructional systems technology from the IU School of Education in 1983, Kim received the 1998 International Contribution Award from the Association for Educational Communications and Technology, among other awards. She has been a visiting professor at the National Institute of Multimedia Education in Japan and a research scholar at San Francisco State University. Kim has served as president of three educational media and technology associations in Korea, being a founding member for the Korean Association for Educational Information and Broadcasting and the Korean Society for Educational Technology.