Jacqueline O'Donnell


Partners in Philanthropy (2009)
Keystone Award


Jacqueline O'Donnell, M.D., of Indianapolis, has an impressive 40-year affiliation with Indiana University. She and husband, Dr. Philip Merk, are both graduates of the IU School of Medicine and have actively supported IU with leadership and resources. According to Dr. Craig Brater, Dean and Walter J. Daly Professor in the IU School of Medicine and IU Vice President with Responsibility for Life Sciences, "Dr. O'Donnell is a doctor, a teacher and a fundraiser. She led the team that performed the first heart transplant at the IU Medical Center in 1981, received the Teaching Excellence Recognition Award from the IU School of Medicine in 1988, and has served as Dean's Council campaign director as well as the Council's president for four years." She is currently the chair for the campaign to establish the John and Rosemary Phillips Cardiology Fellowship. Dr. O'Donnell was also instrumental in establishing a training fellowship supporting a cardiology sub-specialty at the Krannert Institute of Cardiology. She and her husband have contributed to numerous IU schools and programs, including athletics, medicine and nursing, and are establishing the O'Donnell-Merk Scholarship at the School of Medicine. According to Dr. O'Donnell, "I do believe that being involved with philanthropy is each faculty person's responsibility. Each of us has benefited from philanthropy and we should feel a desire and obligation to replenish and increase the monetary stores for the School of Medicine."