Heejin Cho


Maurer School of Law J. William Hicks Award for Distinguished International Alumni (2013)
L.L.M, 2000


Heejin Cho began her legal career in 1987, at a time when female prosecutors were almost unheard of in South Korea. She received her LLM from Indiana University in 2000, after which she joined the South Korean Ministry of Justice. She went on to serve as the senior prosecutor for the Criminal Investigation Department of the Uijeonbu District Prosecutor's Office, then for the Criminal Trial Department and subsequently the Criminal Investigation Department of the Seoul Central District Prosecutor's Office. In 2005, she also became a professor at the Judicial Research and Training Institute.

Cho served as the commissioner of the Cheonon Branch of the Daejon District Public Prosecutor's Office before becoming research commissioner of the Legal Research and Training Institute this year. She is the highest ranked female prosecutor in South Korea.