Radhika Agarwal


Goldwater Scholarship (2014)
Indiana University Bloomington


Radhika Agarwal, of Carmel, IN, graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Biology and Biochemistry. Agarwal was a Herman B. Wells Scholar at IU and won many awards and honors for her research in the Brun Lab, which focuses on Bacterial Adhesion Development and Evolution. Agarwal also researched abroad while an undergraduate. She conducted a clinical observation internship in the Chilean health care system in 2013 and then studied biochemistry at Oxford during her junior year. Agarwal was also active on campus as a member of the IU Ethics Bowl Team, helping the team win the Central States Regional Championship and earn a Spirit of the Ethics Bowl award at the 2015 National Competition.

Following graduation, Agarwal enrolled in the Harvard Medical School joint MD/PhD program in pursuit of her goal to become a physician scientist. Her career goals include researching bacterial antibiotic resistance and biofilm formation as well as teaching medical students.