Kaoru Ando


Honorary Degree (1980)
Doctor of Laws
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: John W. Ryan
Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1977)
B.S., 1936; LL.D., 1980


Kaoru Ando is among Japan's most accomplished and distinguished citizens. He has served his native country as an industrialist, an educator, and a developer of his profession, and Indiana University has been no less fortunate in the exceptional devotion he has shown to his alma mater. Mr. Ando, a student at Indiana University in the 1930s, received a B.S. degree in Business Management in 1936.

From his first appointment, following graduation, as special IBM representative in Japan, Mr. Ando began to play a key role in the development of Japan's electronic computer industry, an industry whose phenomenal growth now ranks it second only to America's. An especially significant contribution has been his assistance to the industry in its development of modern marketing and management techniques. Mr. Ando was one of the founders of Fujitsu, a corporation that has progressed and expanded to become one of the world's major computer manufacturers, and he has served as President of Fujitsu Facon, Ltd., the marketing subsidiary of the Fujitsu Company.

Despite his many business responsibilities, Mr. Ando has always been generous in his support of his professional associations. He is a member and trustee of the Information Processing Society of Japan, a society which he served as Executive Director in 1968-70 and has been the Director and is now an honorary advisor of the Japan Data Processing Association. In addition, he has lent his thought and energies to numerous other business and civic groups such as the Nippon Office Management Association, the Advisory Committee on Computer Education, and the Advisory Committee on Employment for the Physically Handicapped.

Concurrent with his career in business and the administrative and civic responsibilities inevitably demanded of a successful businessman, Kaoru Ando has participated in yet another indispensable component of Japan's revitalization: the education of its young people. Mr. Ando has taught in several major universities, among them Kobe University (1942-47) from which he won official commendation in 1943 for his teaching: Sophia University (1950-57); and Keio University (1960-61). His fundamental advancement of business techniques has also won Kaoru Ando accolades. In 1968 he was awarded the Distinguished Service Testimonial from the Nippon Office Management Association, and in 1975 Mr. Ando won the Distinguished Marketing Service Award conferred by Japan's Management Association. High national honor was accorded him in 1974 when his government bestowed on him its Blue Ribbon Medal in a ceremony which included an imperial audience. The American business community has recognized Kaoru Ando as a major figure in the international business world by granting him Honorary Life Membership in the Data Processing Management Association of the United States.

Kaoru Ando is an internationally active alumnus of Indiana University. He has served as President of the Alumni Association in Japan, has been a gracious host to the numerous university officials and alumni who have visited Japan, and has stood as guarantor for I.U. students studying in Japan. It was very much in keeping with Kaoru Ando's gratitude and respect for the education he received at his alma mater that his daughter attended graduate school here. For his active and important participation in the continuing life of Indiana University, Kaoru Ando was awarded the Distinguished Alumni Service Award in 1977.