Magdalena Herdoiza-Estevez


John W. Ryan Award for Distinguished Contributions to International Programs and Studies (2015)
Indiana University Southeast
School of Education


Dr. Magdalena Herdoiza-Estevez earned a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts/Sculpture in 1974 from the Art Academy of Florence, and a Master of Arts in Sociology from the School of Advanced Studies in Social Sciences in 1981. Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez earned her doctorate in Pedagogy in 1975 and doctorate in Socio-Economics in 1985, both from the Sorbonne University Paris. Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez joined the School of Education faculty at Indiana University Southeast faculty in 2000 after serving previously on the faculties at Hanover College and the University of Louisville. She also served for three years as principal UNESCO Advisor for the National Plan of Education of Haiti.

Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez is recognized for her ability to challenge students to fulfill their true potential. She is revered by her colleagues for her contributions to IU Southeast through the development and sustainment of international programs that expose students to new cultures and diverse populations. "She has made great strides in research, service, and engagement during her time at IUS. A great example of this contribution is her development and implementation of the "Summer in Ecuador" Immersion Program where Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez travels with 15-20 students to Ecuador in an effort to promote intercultural experiences for students and encourages them to expand their awareness of other cultures." Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez has also been engaged in service through Sister Cities Quito, Ecuador and Louisville, Kentucky. Through this program she was able to bring children from Ecuador to Kentucky to allow them to experience a new environment, learn about a new culture, and engage students from IUS in this cultural experience for the children from Ecuador. Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez has been instrumental in developing international educational opportunities for students at IUS.

Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez's received a $1.5M grant from the US Department of Education, Office of English Language Acquisition in 2007 to aid educators' professional development in their work with international students. Dr. Herdoiza-Estevez was instrumental in funding the IU Southeast New Neighbor's Education center in 2013.