Louis Leon Ludlow


Honorary Degree (1949)
Doctor of Laws
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: Herman B Wells


Louis Leon Ludlow was a congressman born in Fayette County, Indiana on June 24, 1873. He was the son of Louis and Isabella (Smiley) and graduated high school in Connersville, Indiana in 1892. He was received an hon. LL.D. from Butler University in 1940.

Mr. Ludlow was a reporter on Indianapolis Sun (1892-1895), the Indianapolis Sentinel (1895-1899), a political reporter for the Indianapolis Press (1899-1901), a Washington correspondent for the Indianapolis Sentinel in 1901 and for the Star League of Indiana in 1903-1913. He served as a member of the 71st and 72nd Congresses (1929-1933) from the 7th Indiana District, the 73rd to 77th Congresses (1933-1943) from the 12th Indiana District and the 78th and 79th Congresses (1943-1947) from the 11th Indiana District. He was the first correspondent in the United States to go from the Press Gallery to Congress.

A member of the Society of Indiana Pioneers, Phi Gamma Delta, a Democrat and Methodist, Mr. Ludlow was also involved in the Indiana Democratic Club, and the National Press Club of Washington. He is the author of From Cornfield to Press Gallery, 1924; In the Heart of Hoosierland, 1925; Senator Solomon Spiffledink, 1927; America Go Bust, 1933; and Hell or Heaven, 1937.