Oscar Lewis Dunn


Kelley School of Business Academy of Alumni Fellows (1974)
Indiana University Bloomington
B.S., 1936
Honorary Degree (1971)
Doctor of Laws
Business Golden Anniversary
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: John W. Ryan
Distinguished Alumni Service Award (1968)
B.S., 1936


Oscar Lewis Dunn, Jr. spent his college days at Indiana University in business administration before devoting his life to the interests of a major corporation dedicated to the utilization of electric power. After almost twenty-five years of responsibility in management assignments, Dunn served as vice president for marketing and public relations and was known as one of his company's principal resources, measuring himself by the bench marks of high integrity and self-discipline.

Dunn was a great teacher, who taught by example, and also served as a Faculty Associate in the Graduate School of Business of his Alma Mater, and on advisory boards of other distinguished institutions of higher learning. Industrial diplomat and tireless community servant, in his business relations and his community life, he found new ways to focus the talents of others around him on opportunities for better health, economic growth, and education.