Leslie A. Hulvershorn


School of Medicine Early Career Achievement Award (2015)
MD '05


Leslie Hulvershorn is an Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Indiana University School of Medicine and a psychiatrist at Riley Children's Hospital, where she serves as Chief of the Pediatric Mood Disorders Clinic. She received her B.S. in Neuroscience from Indiana University, and completed a Masters in Auditory Neuroscience from the University of Oxford before returning to IU to pursue her medical degree. Dr. Hulvershorn completed her residency at IU and a fellowship at New York University School of Medicine's Child Study Center.

Using functional brain imaging (fMRI), Dr. Hulvershorn's research studies the neurobiology underling emotional difficulties in children and adolescents with externalizing disorders such as ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder. Her interests span the impact of medication treatments on brain function as well as identifying early brain biomarkers for addictions risk. Dr. Hulvershorn has been the primary investigator on seven active grants, including one funded by the National Institutes of Drug Abuse. She already has been the lead author on more than 20 peer-reviewed publications, written five book chapters and published 15 abstracts.