Jann Keenan


School of Education Distinguished Alumni Award (2014)
Indiana University Bloomington
MS '79, EdS '80


Jann Keenan, who earned an M.S. in 1979 and an Ed.S. in 1980, is a trailblazer and national leader in the field of health literacy who works tirelessly to close the health equity gap. She opened The Keenan Group Inc., a social marketing and instructional design firm, in 1995, and is a strategic partner for the Institute for Healthcare Advancement. She is a founding partner of Health Literacy Innovations, creator of the nation's first interactive health literacy software tool.

Keenan frequently presents lively workshops, webinars and keynote presentations throughout the U.S. She is noted as integral in developing the easy-to-read labeling currently used on all U.S. over-the-counter drug products. She has written and designed award-winning health curricula, websites, videos and booklets for government agencies, universities, pharmaceuticals, hospitals, corporations and non-profit organizations. Through her work, she manages education, research and evaluation projects and translates scientific research into actionable information for educators, health professionals, and policymakers.

Keenan has created comprehensive health initiatives for The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institutes of Health, Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality, Yale, Johns Hopkins Hospital, Sanofi-Aventis and Pfizer, among others. She is the author of various peer-reviewed articles and conference papers focusing on health behaviors and is the co-author of "You Can Quit Smoking!" She received nine NIH "Gold" level awards for outstanding plain language writing and design.