Sherman A. Minton


Z.G. Clevenger Award (1963)
B.A., 1913
Honorary Degree (1950)
Doctor of Laws
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: Herman B Wells
Maurer School of Law Academy of Law Alumni Fellows (1950)
Indiana University Bloomington


Sherman Minton was born in Georgetown, Indiana and received his LL.B. degree from Indiana University in 1915 and an honorary degree from IU in 1950. He held an LL.M. degree from Yale University (1916). His law practice was located in New Albany, Indiana, except for a brief period (1925-1928) when he was with a Miami, Florida law firm.

His distinguished public career began with his appointment as public counselor of Indiana in 1933. Thereafter he served successively as a member of the US Senate (1935-1941), Administrative Assistant to President Franklin D. Roosevelt (Janu-May, 1949), a judge of the US Circuit Court of Appeals for the 7th Circuit, and Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court (1949-1956). Justice Minton is the only graduate of the University who has served on the nation's highest court. He died in 1965.