Mark W. Bradford


President's Award for Teaching (2016)
Indiana University South Bend
Judd Leighton School of Business and Economics
Department of Management


In his 10 years of lecturing at Indiana University South Bend, Mark Bradford has consistently gotten rave reviews from his students and compliments from his fellow teachers. In fact, he's already been recognized twice for his teaching skills. He won the Teaching Excellence Award from the Judd Leighton School of Business and economics in 2012 and received merit status the following year.

When asked to help the school find ways to retain more freshman students, Bradford began meeting with every student in his Introduction to Business Administration course each semester. The objective was to initiate a faculty-student bond to help them succeed. The practice was so successful that it has been implemented cohort-wide. He was also instrumental in creating a mentoring program that pairs students with 1st Source Bank and other regional organizations. It is now in its third year, and several students have gained employment as a result.

Bradford even started a chapter of Enactus on campus- an international organization that encourages students to improve the world through entrepreneurial actions. Members use their enterprising skills to make real and sustainable improvements in the communities they serve. His students have embraced the service-learning opportunities this organization offers, resulting in transformative leadership experiences. Most telling of all are the thing students have to say on their evaluations, and glowing reviews like these are what drive Bradford to continue his pursuit of teaching excellence. Bradford continues to earn the respect of his students and admiration of his colleagues through his humbling and inspiring approach to teaching.