Arthur S. Alderson


Titled Professor (2017)
Allen D. and Polly S. Grimshaw Professorship
Indiana University Bloomington
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Sociology


Art Alderson began teaching at Indiana University's Department of Sociology in 2008. During the years 2011 - 2012, he served as Director of Sociological Research Practicum. His research interests lie primarily in the areas of social stratification, economic and political sociology, comparative and historical sociology, and international development. Alderson recently authored, "Compared to Whom? Inequality, Social Comparison, and Happiness in the United States" (in Social Forces in 2016 with Tally Katz-Gerro) and "The Changing Economic Geography of Large U.S. Law Firms" (in the Journal of Economic Geography in 2016 with William D. Henderson). Alderson's current research focuses on income distribution, the world city system, status, subjective well-being and consumption, and the globalization of production.