Mary Beth Riner


Fulbright Award (2013)
Location: Liberia
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)


Dr. Mary Beth Riner works in community health both locally and globally. Since 1998 she has taken students from nursing, medicine, dentistry, social work, and public health abroad. These international experiences have included language/culture immersion, service-learning, and cross-cultural comparison courses. Her teaching expertise includes online learning and problem-based pedagogy which she uses in teaching graduate theory and a doctoral translational science methods course. Dr. Riner has extensive experience in partnering with communities to conduct needs assessments and develop action plans to address priority concerns. Dr. Riner's current research centers around global health and how students develop global health perspectives. She also is conducting research in Liberia to explore strategies for improving clinical nursing practice at the tertiary health care center there. Dr. Riner is the nursing team leader for a USAID/HED grant to rebuild the sciences at the University of Liberia. The team in developing an articulation plan for baccalaureate nursing education at the University.