J. Scott Davison


Bicentennial Medal (2019)
IUPUI Spirit of Philanthropy Award (2018)


J. Scott Davison is chairman, president and CEO of the companies of OneAmerica. He serves on a variety of boards, and even finds time to pursue his passion for swimming. Davison was a competitive swimmer and coach for more than three decades. And, as a member of the Indiana Sports Corporation board, he truly understands both the international and local significance of the IU Natatorium. When the IU Natatorium spearheaded a $20 million renovation in 2015 in an effort to not only improve the venue but to heighten the identify of Indianapolis as the nation's amateur sports capital, Davison made a personal commitment to support the renovation project through his own philanthropy and volunteer fundraising.

Because of the philanthropy of Davison and his wife, Lorraine, along with OneAmerica and other generous financial supporters, IU's Natatorium - the site of thirteen Olympic trials and witness to 18 world records - will remain the No. 1-ranked natatorium in the United States, as well as the public training ground for future Central Indiana swimmers and divers.