Carole Stark


President's Medal for Excellence (2000)
School of Medicine Research II Groundbreaking
Location: Indianapolis
Presenter: Myles Brand
IUPUI Spirit of Philanthropy Award (2000)


In 2000, with the support of their family, Paul and Carole Stark provided the School of Medicine with a $15 million bequest to endow a multidisciplinary neurosciences research institute. In addition, they gave $1 million to endow a fellowship program for graduate and medical training in neuroscience research. Their goal was to enable rigorous investigations of normal and abnormal function in the central nervous system using the most advanced technologies and to apply the resulting discoveries to the treatment of devastating neurological disorders.

The concept, to provide a venue where scientists and clinicians from different disciplines would collaborate to advance our understanding of the nervous system, is the central organizing principle of the institute.

The Paul and Carole Stark Neurosciences Research Institute was officially dedicated on September 12, 2003 and is housed in the new Research II Building on the Indiana University School of Medicine campus.