Ju Yu Chen


Thomas Hart Benton Mural Medallion (2018)
Location: China


CHEN Ruyu (陈茹玉): CHEN, a pioneer in herbicide research in China, was a prominent professor of chemistry at Nankai University. She directed Nankai's Herbicide Laboratory, one of the first such laboratories in China. She was awarded a patent for one of the herbicides she developed. CHEN served as Director of Nankai University's Elemento-Organic Chemistry Institute. She published over 300 scholarly articles. She also supervised over 50 graduate students and 8 post-doctoral students. In 1980 CHEN was inducted into the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Her numerous awards and honors include membership in the UK's Royal Society (probably the Royal Society of Chemistry). In 2005, HE and CHEN used RMBĀ„400,000 (almost US$50,000 at the time) of their savings to endow the HE Binglin Scholarship and the CHEN Ruyu Scholarship for outstanding Nankai students from financially deprived families.