Morrie Mills


President's Medal for Excellence (2001)
Location: Bloomington
Presenter: Don Weaver


Morris Mills was born in Indianapolis in 1929. He attended both Earlham College (BA 1952) and Harvard University (MBA 1952). He served both in both the Indiana House of Representatives (1968-1972) and the Indiana Senate (1972-2000). In the Senate, he represented the 35th district. During his time in office, he served as Assistant President Pro Tempore, Chairman of the Budget Subcommittee of the Senate Finance Committee, Chairman of the Commerce and Consumer Affairs Committee, member of the Planning and Economic Development Committee, and as a member of the prominent State Budget Committee. During his time in office, Senator Mills was involved in the writing of numerous state budgets and other financial legislation.

He has received special awards from the Indiana Vocational Association and the Indiana State Teachers Association and also served in 1982 as chair of the National Advisory Council on Continuing Education, to which he was appointed by President Ronald Reagan. He and his family were also recipients of the first annual "Spirit of the Prairie" award, given by the Connor Prairie Living History Museum.