Rob Elliott


President's Award for Teaching (2020)
Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI)
School of Engineering & Technology
Department of Computer Information and Graphics Technology


Since joining IUPUI's School of Engineering and Technology in the Department of Computer Technology in 2003, Elliott has been driven to impart two values to his students and colleagues: innovation and adaptability. Elliott utilizes these values himself by constantly pursuing opportunities to explore active learning in his courses to improve student outcomes.

Complementing advances in society and helping to prepare students to address 21st-century needs, Elliott has revitalized curricula in the Computer and Information Technology Program as well as across IUPUI. Elliott constantly strives to improve each of his courses, engaging in a process of thorough review and revision every two years to keep abreast of the constantly changing landscape in computer technology. Understanding that the IT industry is becoming increasingly global, he developed a study abroad opportunity and found ways to immerse his students in global perspectives on campus. Elliott continually helps foster innovation and research by supervising numerous independent student projects and participating in the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative.

Elliott strives to disseminate the knowledge and experience he has gained with pedagogical best practices. As part of Gateway to Graduation, he helps instructors, staff, and administrators identify and remediate issues related to the student experience in the transition to advanced college courses. He regularly presents on active learning and flipping the classroom techniques to support further engagement in the classrooms across IUPUI. He has presented his pedagogical work at national and international conferences. A constant advocate for his fellow teaching and clinical faculty, Elliot has been a leader in the push for their inclusion on the IUPUI Faculty Council.