Preparing a Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award Dossier

The Distinguished Teaching Awards Committee seeks nominations of truly distinguished, as opposed to simply excellent, teachers.  In making its determinations, the committee places special weight on the following:  1) evidence that the candidate has had a profound, life-changing influence on students; 2) a sustained impact on student learning; 3) innovative teaching; 4) a demonstrated leadership role in teaching (on the candidate’s campus, in the region, nationally and/or internationally); 5) breadth of courses taught; and 7) the ability to be highly reflective as a teacher in his or her self-analysis. While it is not expected that candidates will demonstrate distinguished records in all of these areas, candidates are expected to document what distinguishes them as a teacher.

In most cases, the dossier for Distinguished Teaching Awards should contain the following material:

Nomination Letter(s)

Each dossier should include one letter of nomination, preferably from the department chair or dean.

Teaching Philosophy and Self-analysis statement

The committee considers this statement of self-reflection to be of central importance and gives it much weight in its deliberations. In the statement candidates should discuss their teaching philosophy and how it is put into practice. Included should be an account of any efforts undertaken to analyze teaching, with specific reference to self-improvement and student accomplishment in its broadest sense. The statement should be between 5 and 8 pages, double-spaced.

Curriculum vitae

Include an up-to-date teaching-focused CV.

Courses Taught at Indiana University

Include: Dates and enrollments; course number and title; and an indication of level (lower-level undergraduate, upper-level undergraduate, graduate), as well as modality of delivery (seated, hybrid, and/or online).

Student Support

The dossier must include a summary of the candidate’s student course evaluations for the last three years, and these should be comprehensive rather than selected.  Candidates to provide brief reflections on how they utilize these evaluations in their own professional growth without duplicating information provided in the teaching philosophy and self-analysis statement (reflections should not exceed 3 pages).

Peer Review of Teaching

One to three formal peer review letters from faculty members familiar with a nominee’s work should be included. 

Research Publications

Briefly annotated list of publications and disseminated works that are specifically related to teaching. 

Academic student counseling and mentoring

Describe both the breadth of student mentoring and any unusual or particularly time-intensive activities, including evidence of teaching beyond the traditional classroom.

Other Letters of Support (Optional)

The dossier may include up to five letters from students and five from external sources or community members.

Video Recording: For Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award applicants ONLY

Recipients of the Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award become Indiana University's nominee for the Midwestern Association of Graduate Students Award (MAGS), whose nomination deadline is late January, 2020, and whose nomination criteria include submission of a video recording of the nominee in a classroom setting. IU Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award applicants are asked to please submit a 10- minute (MAXIMUM) video recording of the nominee teaching in a classroom setting. Note that if the video exceeds 10 minutes, the nominee will be disqualified from consideration for this award. Once you have recorded your video, please save your video as one of the following formats: .mov, .mp4 (.mpeg4), .avi, .wmv, .flv, .3GP.

Save your video in IU Box. Copy and paste the IU Box link to a Word document, save it to your hard drive, then use CHOOSE FILE link provided you for the electronic submission of documents relative to the Lieber Memorial Teaching Associate Award Nomination.

Follow this link to learn more about the MAGS Excellence in Teaching Award.